Hi!  Like many pages on the internet this is a work in progress. You will find links to some of my pages here, as I finish the others I will place them here as well. Enjoy your visit and come back often. I hope to make this a decent place to come .

Video Conference software Question! 

Do you use video online? If so how about going here and answering one question for me about what you expect from a video conference software. I know your time is valuable . Thank you beforehand for sharing your thoughts .


Some Quick Links

Military Appreciation

How about a thank you for your service? This page is just that What is it you ask, well in as few a words as I can. It is an audio/video chat room Quite an elaborate one actually with browser sharing, unlimited number of people. It is free  and if you like it you can get your own at a special rate




Discover which technologies can help improve your marketing, how to use it to your advantage and ultimately help you succeed without working harder or spending a lot of money.




Looking for a way to work from home and be around your kids and family?

It`s not a pipe dream. Everyday moms are doing it. Don`t be fooled it does take work but with the right group around you it can become a reality. Mom masterminds is a special coaching and masterminds group just for women. They will help you get there.




Well I have removed the spam posts that made their way into my inactive blog and added new posts. So if you would like to see my comments on things like Armand Morin`s Big Seminar or perhaps about the news topic of the day then by all means click the link below . I hope you enjoy and please post any thoughts you may have




  Who has time for daily backups of your websites? If you only have personal sites it may not be an issue. But for the serious online business, it is not an option but a necessity.This site even offers a restore option when your site goes down. It also offers monthly/weekly/or daily backups. If you need multiple daily backups it can handle this as well for a slight fee.Competitors of this site charge as much as 800.00 a month for their service. So take a look and give it a try at a fraction of the competitors price, you won`t be sorry.




Here is an excellent option if you need or just want to hold a meeting. Talk about features Its Loaded.Whether its sharing  a web page or a document  everyone in your room sees what you see Audio and video Best of all you control what happens or share moderation with others to lighten your load.



Building a web page but know nothing about writing or content? Let alone Writing Content for your page. How about sales letters or scripts ? No problem, turn to the professionals and make use of your time doing what you know. Freelance site for writers and a place to post the job you need .If you are new to the business and wish to make a name for your services this is a non discrimatory place for the newbie.




     Ever wonder who is talking to your child online? Have you taught your child every possible defense to keep them safe online? Is that even possible in this day and age? As a parent it is your responsibility to try. My wife and I have put this site together to give you the tools to do just that. Not tech savvy,thats ok. This site is in plain English.Sign up for the newsletter and receive all the tricks ,tips and helpful information.




Do you have a handheld.Curious how others use theirs .Tips tricks software and application Its all here




Ever curious  about who dates online Well here's your chance to look inside the online dating world Some tips on what to do  and what not to do I hope you find it useful.



This site is more for the individual who chooses to meet someone from a bit futher away then the next town. Not for the beginner to online dating but defiantly a place to meet someone This is a membership site so it is designed for those who are serious about a relationship.




and this page is not totally finished. The programmer assures me it will be done soon .Actually I have been hearing that for over a year now. I will be getting a new programmer and this will be a future project so be patient :) Everything for your baby at low prices for name brands Give your child all that they need but dont break the bank doing it.




My store with some pretty good prices or you can start your own free store and yes just like the name says its free to join and start your own store. Should you choose it can always be free. With anything of course there are paid options, but that depends if you want to advance your store and save even more money on things you want .One of my personal favorites this store has a really nice replica of the Marine NCO Sword and lots more.


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